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muscle and
skin care
for athletes

muscle and
skin care
for athletes

The best performance depends on the best products. Therefore, Sportsbalm offers a wide range of products that help you to get the most out of yourself: from warming up balms to muscle warming creams and from anti chafing creams to muscle gels for speedy recovery.

Warming creams

Why use a muscle warming cream before exercise? Well, the answer is quite simple: because it prepares your muscles for what is coming. Warming up your muscles with a cream specially designed for this purpose ensures an optimal supply of oxygen and improves blood flow. The result: warm, supple, and active muscles that are ready to get to work. Warming up cream, also called embrocation cream, reduces the risk of muscle pain and injuries and improves sports performance, especially on those cold and wet days. Therefore, embrocation cream is widely used in professional cycling, and is a great addition to traditional warm-up exercises.

Warming series

Performance series - Muscle oils

The Muscle Oils from our Performance Series help to prepare you for intense workouts on warmer days. The products penetrate deep into the muscle tissue, where they help to get the blood circulation going. By doing so, the Muscle Oil increases the supply of oxygen and speeds up the removal of waste. This minimizes the risk of muscle acidification, stiffness and muscle pain. Feel the difference!

Performance series

Anti Friction products

Anti Friction cream, also known as chamois cream or anti chafing cream, is developed to prevent chafing during exercise. Abrasion on the skin is annoying and happens to many athletes, especially endurance athletes like cyclists, runners and swimmers. With a good anti-friction product however, skin irritation can easily be prevented. Sportsbalm Anti Friction products for women and men will make your training sessions a lot more enjoyable and effective!

Care series

Muscle recovery products

Muscle relief products accelerate muscle recovery. To understand how this works, you should know why your muscles actually hurt after exercise. Well, heavy training exercise causes small cracks in your muscle tissue. Muscle pain is thus a signal that your muscles need to heal, and muscle recovery products like muscle recovery cream or muscle recovery gel support that healing process. By doing so, they help you to get ready for your next training and optimize your performance!

Recovery series
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