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The perfect warming up for cyclists

Why is a warming up for cyclists necessary? And what is the best approach? Read it in our blog and get the most out of your ride.


How can you prevent and treat chafing spots?

What helps against chafing spots? How can you prevent chafing? With the Care Series products from Sportsbalm, chafing is a thing of the past!


Taking care of your muscles like a pro

Do you want to take care of your muscles like Tom Dumoulin, Wout van Aert or Primoz Roglic do? Read in our blog how to apply the routine of a champion.


How does muscle recovery work?

How does muscle recovery work? What is good for muscle recovery? How long does muscle recovery take? Read how to recover your sore muscles after exercise.


Everything about muscle pain

What causes muscle pain? Is muscle pain a good sign? And how can you prevent muscle soreness? Read all about muscle pain and what to do in this blog!

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