Performance Warming Series

Warm muscles in cold conditions
The Sportsbalm Red Performance Warming Series helps with the preparation and protection of muscles and tendons and with their optimal performance during sports in cool, cold and wet weather conditions.

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Performance Series

Warming-up in mild and warm conditions
The Sportsbalm Yellow Performance Series helps with the preparation and protection of muscles and tendons and with their optimal performance during sports in mild and warm weather conditions.

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Recovery Series

Proper care and quicker recovery after exercise
The Sportsbalm Green Recovery Series supports quick recovery after exercise. The products care for tired and sensitive muscles and are suitable for use in all weather conditions.

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Protection Series

Protection against rubbing, chafing and irritation
The Sportsbalm Blue Series protects the skin against chafing between skin and clothing, abrasions or irritations that can develop during sports. The products protect the areas of the body that are most prone to this.

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Sportsbalm for the best sports feel

Everyone who participates in sports knows how important good muscle care is. The proper care of muscles and tendons helps you to prevent injuries, to perform better and to recover faster after a match or training. That’s why many athletes use Sportsbalm muscle care products.

Safe and natural

Sportsbalm products are made from 100% natural ingredients and stimulate the body’s natural processes. When used as prescribed, the products are completely safe for people and the environment.

What athletes want

Sportsbalm products have been developed in collaboration with athletes, attendants and sports scientists. Sportsbalm wishes to provide the best solutions to the questions that apply to all athletes, from recreational to elite. Such as:

  • How do I prevent injuries?
  • How can I perform better?
  • How can I best do this in cold and wet or, conversely, in mild and warm weather?
  • What is good for my recovery after exercise?

Total care

With the Sportsbalm products, you have the best solution available to you in any situation. Choose the ideal application from one of the four Sportsbalm Series:

  • Red Performance Warming Series
    Muscle care in cold and wet conditions
  • Yellow Performance Series
    Muscle care in mild and warm conditions
  • Green Recovery Series
    For quicker muscle recovery
  • Blue Protection Series
    For skin protection and care


Sportsbalm is developed and produced by the Dutch company Harmeling Sports.

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