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Muscle and skin care for athletes

The best performance depends on the best products. Therefore, Sportsbalm offers a wide range of products that help you to get the most out of yourself: from warming up balms to muscle warming creams and from anti chafing creams to muscle gels for speedy recovery. The muscle and skin care products from Sportsbalm support your muscles and skin during the harshest and heaviest training sessions, and help you to perform under all circumstances. Try them for yourself!

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Warming up products

Sportsbalm’s warming muscle gel and balm prepares your muscles for hard exercise. The products from our Warming Series warm your muscles and stimulate the blood circulation before you go out in chilly or downright cold conditions. By doing so, they help to prevent muscle and joint pain so you can perform optimally.



The products from the Sportsbalm Performance Series take care of your muscles during exercise on hot days. The gentle, nourishing muscle oil penetrates deep into your muscle tissue. There, the active ingredients stimulate blood and oxygen circulation, and accelerate the removal of waste products. As a result, you reduce the risk of muscle acidification, stiffness and pain!


Anti friction

Sportsbalm Care products for athletes provide your skin with crucial care. After all, the combination of movement, sweat, and clothing rubbing over your skin will sooner or later cause skin irritation that hinders your pleasure and performance in sports. Try our Anti Friction skin care for athletes and experience their breathable, nurturing protection.


Muscle recovery

After exercise, our muscle recovery products help you to recover quickly. Our gels and creams offer quick muscle pain relief and fight joint pain. Our recovery and relief products support the recovery of damaged muscle tissue after heavy exercise. The muscle-relaxing gel penetrates deeply into the tissue, even in areas with low blood circulation, to get you ready for your next workout. Discover our Recovery Series now!

Taking care of your muscles like a pro

Did you know that Sportsbalm is an official partner of Team Jumbo-Visma? Check out our blog to see how you can take care of your muscles like a true professional.

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Why Sportsbalm

Optimal performance

Our goal is to enable athletes to get the most out of themselves: after all, everyone wants to be the best! In cycling, improvements in the material are often looked at, but ultimately the riders have to let the pedals turn. You can only achieve top performances if you prepare your body as best as possible. Sportsbalm therefore provides athletes with the best muscle care they could wish for, regardless of the circumstances. We do this with products for before, during and after exercise.

Highest quality

Our own high-quality and unique recipes make Sportsbalm the number 1 in quality. We are always developing new products and work closely and exclusively with one of the best laboratories in Europe. We also ensure that we develop our products in collaboration with doctors and have them extensively tested by top athletes, so that we are always assured of the Sportsbalm effect.

The perks of Sportsbalm care products

All Sportsbalm muscle and skin care products are specifically designed with the following needs of athletes in mind:
Performance: by warming the muscles and stimulating the circulation processes
Restore: by promoting blood flow and strengthening the vessel walls
Care: by protecting the skin and allowing the pores to breathe

“In order to win you have to be 200%. Every detail counts. Sportsbalm gives us that little bit extra.”


Team Jumbo-Visma



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Taking care of your muscles like a pro

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