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Better performance in cold weather


Better performance in cold weather

Warming-up products

Why use a muscle warming cream before exercise? Well, the answer is quite simple: because it prepares your muscles for what is coming. A better performance and preventing injuries!

The products from this collection


Mild Warming Lotion

For temperatures between 10°C and 20°C, we recommend our Mild Warming Lotion. Because of the light and mild recipe, this lotion is also great for people with sensitive skin and younger athletes.


Medium Warming Balm

When temperatures drop below 10°C, Sportsbalm Medium Warming Balm is a good choice. This medium muscle warmer provides warmth and stimulates blood flow to the muscles. Additionally, it shields the skin with a water-resistant yet breathable layer.


Hot Warming Balm

Is it below 5°C? Then it is time for a muscle balm that is extra strong: our Sportsbalm Hot Warming Balm. This powerful winter embrocation cream also protects less perfused body parts such as the knees and Achilles tendons, and warms your muscles all day long.


The perfect warming up

Why is a warming up necessary? And how do you best approach that? Read it in our blog!

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Sportsbalm Warming Series

Warming cream for muscles

Warming up your muscles with a cream specially designed for this purpose ensures an optimal supply of oxygen and improves blood flow. The result: warm, supple, and active muscles that are ready to get to work. Warming up cream, also called embrocation cream, reduces the risk of muscle pain and injuries and improves sports performance, especially on those cold and wet days. Therefore, embrocation cream is widely used in professional cycling, and is a great addition to traditional warm-up exercises.

Muscle warming creams for all circumstances

Sportsbalm’s Performance Warming Series is a collection of products developed to warm your muscles and improve your performance. Our muscle warming creams range from mild to extra warm, and penetrate deep into the muscles. Our Warming Lotion and Warming Balms keep the muscles and tendons warm for a long time and increase blood circulation.

Long lasting effect

Your muscles are optimally supplied with oxygen and can function optimally. In contrast to some other warm-up creams, the breathable Sportsbalm layer does not close the pores, so that the skin continues to breathe and functions in a natural way. Do not forget to apply the product in time: for the best effect, rub in the muscle warming cream 15-30 minutes before your activity.

“In a race it’s all about: how long can you keep pedaling? Sportsbalm helps us to give that little bit extra in the grand final for that victory”


Team Jumbo-Visma

Is your focus on recovering your muscles?

Then have a look at the Recovery series for the optimal treatment of muscle pain and a faster recovery. This way you can achieve an even better performance in the future!

Recovery series
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