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Prevent chafing spots


Prevent chafing spots

Anti friction products

Anti Friction cream, also known as chamois cream or anti chafing cream, is developed to prevent chafing during exercise. Abrasion on the skin is annoying and happens to many athletes, especially endurance athletes like cyclists, runners and swimmers. With a good anti-friction product however, skin irritation can easily be prevented. Sportsbalm Anti Friction products for women and men will make your training sessions a lot more enjoyable and effective!

The products from this collection


Anti friction balm

Sportsbalm Anti Friction Balm works great as a balm against saddle soreness and as an anti-friction balm during long training sessions, especially when the weather is humid. The balm forms a breathable but water-resistant layer on your skin, and has a long lasting effect.


Anti friction cream

Sportsbalm Anti Friction Cream is absorbed faster into the skin and is also nourishing and restorative. Due to its composition, this cream is also suited for the dry and sensitive skin. Another advantage of this product is that you can apply it after a tough sports session to care for your chapped skin.


How to prevent chafing spots?

Preventing chafing spots is a top priority for many athletes. Fortunately, we can help you with this! Read it in our blog.

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When to use chamois cream?

The combination of movement, sweat, and clothing rubbing over your skin will sooner or later cause skin irritation that hinders your pleasure and performance in sports. Anti chafing cream can be used to prevent chafing in any sport where your skin rubs against anything.

Suitable for every sport

When running, for example, your thighs might rub against each other or pieces of clothing. Especially when cycling, chafing spots and saddle sore often occur. The longer you cycle and the more you sweat, the worse the soreness gets. For cycling, a good chamois cream or anti chafe cream is therefore essential.

Anti chafing cream: how do athletes use it?

Sportsbalm Anti Friction Balm and Sportsbalm Anti Friction Cream are two different types of chamois creams. Each one protects the skin against chafing and irritation in its own way. Sportsbalm Anti Friction products for women and men will make your training sessions a lot more enjoyable and effective!

“In a time trial, every little detail counts. The feeling on the bike has to be perfect. Sitting comfortably on the saddle is essential here.”


Tom Dumoulin

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