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Help your muscles to recover faster


Help your muscles to recover faster

Muscle recovery products

For optimal muscle recovery, it is wise to use a targeted treatment with cream against sore muscles after every training. Whether it's muscle soreness after a workout or just a stiff neck, Sportsbalm Recovery series is there for every recovery!

The products from this collection


Recovery Cream

Are your muscles stiff and painful or do you simply suffer from tired muscles? The Recovery Cream refreshes and relaxes while moisturizing and nourishing the skin. In addition, this muscle relief cream keeps the blood vessels flexible, strengthens the vessel walls and stimulates blood flow.


Cooling SOS Body Gel

Do you mainly suffer from sore muscles or joints? Then choose cold pain relief therapy. Our Cooling SOS Gel has a relaxing and soothing effect and stimulates blood circulation. This cooling muscle pain cream also promotes muscle recovery and the removal of waste products when you suffer from fluid buildup or injuries.


Heating SOS Body Gel

Our Heating SOS Gel is a great muscle recovery treatment for heavily strained muscles and tendons. This warm pain relief cream has a long-lasting effect and warms intensely, making this warming cream for the muscles ideal for stiff muscles in the neck, shoulders and back, where blood circulation is often lower.


How can you recover faster?

Muscle recovery starts with adequate rest. But there are more things you can do to help your tendons and muscles recover. Read it in our blog.

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Sportsbalm Recovery Series

Why is muscle recovery important?

Muscle relief products accelerate muscle recovery. To understand how this works, you should know why your muscles actually hurt after exercise. Well, heavy training exercise causes small cracks in your muscle tissue. Muscle pain is thus a signal that your muscles need to heal, and muscle recovery products like muscle recovery cream or muscle recovery gel support that healing process.

Muscle pain relief creams

The muscle pain relief creams from the Sportsbalm Recovery Series products work in a targeted manner to repair damaged muscle tissue. All our Recovery products, including the muscle pain relief cream, gel, ointment and lotion, stimulate the blood circulation in the muscles and speed up the removal of waste products. This helps the muscle fibers to heal quickly and make them relaxed and strong again.

Hot or cold muscle pain treatment?

Not every (muscle) pain is the same. That is why every type of recovery requires a different approach. Do you choose a cooling or warming muscle recovery gel? Or are you going for an invigorating lotion that also nourishes and moisturizes the skin at the same time? Sportsbalm Recovery series can help you with your recovery!

Our main question is: how do our players stay fit throughout the season? Recovery is key. Sportsbalm contributes to this.”


Doctor of football club FC Twente

Better safe than sorry

Prevent muscle pain and injuries by using a good muscle heat ointment before exercise. See which Sportsbalm suits you!

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