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How can you prevent and treat chafing spots?


Preventing chafing spots is high on the list of priorities for many athletes. After all, sports can be wonderful, given it’s done without irritation, pain and skin problems. But unfortunately, you will sooner or later have to deal with this annoying burning phenomenon, especially during cycling and running. Runners and cyclists therefore often wonder: how can I prevent chafing spots on the thighs and buttocks? And if it does bother you, you want to know: how can I treat chafing spots on the skin? Read on for tips against chafing on your legs.

How do chafing spots arise?

Have you just started walking or cycling, you start to suffer from a chafing feeling. Chafing marks are caused when your skin is repeatedly rubbing against something: against another part of your skin, against your clothes (think of cycling shorts or sports bra), or against your saddle. Especially if you also sweat a lot, which is often the case when you are exercising, it is only a matter of time before your skin becomes burning, chapped and irritated.

What helps against chafing spots?

Use a chamois or anti-chafing cream

To prevent chafing, it is good to rub your skin with Anti Friction Balm or Anti Friction Cream. This balm and cream protect the skin and soothe irritations. The Balm applies a breathable yet water-resistant layer to your skin and is therefore ideal if you sweat a lot or when it rains. The Cream also protects against irritations, but is more nourishing and absorbs into the skin. Both products are very popular among cyclists, especially for long rides.

For cyclists: check your saddle

Speaking of cycling, when you cycle, the shape and position of your saddle can also have a big influence on how quickly you suffer from a chafing spots. Get advice on what the best saddle is for your physique and have it adjusted by a professional. The material of the saddle can also influence how quickly you get chafing spots. One saddle heats up faster than the other, which can cause your skin to heat up faster. This is an important factor, especially on long journeys. So let the store advise you on the most suitable material.

Provide good sportswear

It helps to wear clothes that fit perfectly and wick away moisture well. For example, you are more likely to get chafing if you wear cotton clothing, because this actually traps sweat and moves against the skin.

On the bike, the right cycling shorts are important to prevent chafing. Choose pants with a good quality chamois that fits your body.

What to do about chafing marks?

Have you got irritated skin, for example on your buttocks or groin? Due to the intensive care and restorative ingredients, the Anti Friction Cream also helps to treat chafing spots on the skin. The cream nourishes and moisturizes the skin and is also suitable for dry and sensitive skin due to its careful composition. An advantage of this cream is that you don’t need much of it because the product spreads easily. The Anti Friction Cream is also absorbed quickly and is not greasy.

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