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Sportsbalm Cooling SOS Body Gel

Sportsbalm Cooling SOS Gel is developed for quick pain relief. It can be used against acute pain in muscles or joints, fluid accumulation, bruises and strains. After a harsh workout, the cooling gel relieves pain in your muscles and reduces swelling. This allows your muscles to relax and helps you to recover as quickly as possible. The Cooling SOS Gel also works perfectly as a cooling gel for heavy and warm legs and feet that can occur when you have been standing or sitting in one position.

  • Apply after exercise
  • Promotes recovery
  • Cooling
  • Suitable for bruises and fluid retention
  • 100% vegan
  • Bio-plastic packaging


Specifications Cooling SOS Body Gel

How does our cold muscle recovery gel work?

Sportsbalm Cooling SOS Gel has a double effect. Thanks to carefully selected ingredients like menthol, arnika, camphor and rosemary, our cold muscle pain treatment is both cooling and relaxing. Natural menthol provides a cold feeling that numbs the painful area and simultaneously causes the blood vessels to narrow and then widen. 

Faster recovery

The blood circulation is stimulated and the muscles relax. This helps injuries to recover faster. In addition, the gel contains horse chestnut to keep the blood vessels strong and flexible. As a consequence of a better blood circulation, waste products and fluids are also removed faster.

When should you use Sportsbalm Cooling SOS Gel

Sportsbalm’s Cooling SOS gel does not only cool the skin, but also soothes and cares for it. It is a fresh, light, non-greasy cooling gel that is easy to apply across large surfaces. The gel can also be used for massages, so that blood circulation is stimulated even more. Experience the pain-relieving and vitalising effect of this cooling gel for yourself!

Sore today. Strong tomorrow

Muscle recovery starts with adequate rest. But there are several situations where recovery is necessary. Have a look at our Recovery series to find out which Sportsbalm suits your recovery.

Recovery series
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