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Sportsbalm Energizing Oil

Sportsbalm Energizing Oil helps you to get the most out of your muscles! By rubbing your muscles with this energizing oil from the Sportsbalm Performance Series you prepare them for action. It stimulates your blood circulation, improves the oxygen supply, and accelerates the removal of waste products. Let’s go!

  • For temperatures above 20°C
  • Apply 15-30 minutes before exercise
  • Promotes blood circulation
  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor sports
  • 100% vegan
  • Bio-plastic packaging


Specifications Energizing Oil

How does Sportsbalm Energizing Oil work?

The Energizing Oil works best at temperatures between 20°C and 30°C. At those temperatures, your skin may feel warm, but that does not mean your muscles feel the same! Due to ingredients such as cajuputi and camphor, this oil penetrates deep into your muscle tissue, and stimulates the blood circulation. This helps your muscles to function better, and reduces the risk of muscle strain, stiffness and acidity. You will notice that the oil also boosts your muscles when they are tired.

Applying Energizing Oil

We recommend massaging the Energizing Oil into your muscles 15-30 minutes before exercising. If you do so, the blood circulation in your muscles is well stimulated when you start your warm-up exercises. This minimizes the risk of injuries and helps you to achieve better results. Discover now how this innovative sports oil can improve your training!

For which sports is it suitable?

The Sportsbalm Energizing Oil is suitable for both indoor and outdoor sports during warm conditions. Examples of sports are:

  • Cycling
  • Football
  • Running
  • Crossfit
  • Boot camp
  • And more…

Shine like a star

Prevent muscle pain and injuries by using a good oil for your muscles before exercise. See which Sportsbalm suits you!

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