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Sportsbalm Heating SOS Body Gel

 Sportsbalm Heating SOS Gel is your first aid kit for heavily strained or painful muscles and tendons. Intensive exercise causes small hairline cracks in your muscle fibers. This leads to tired and sore muscles after your workout. Besides that, incorrect movements or an incorrect posture can cause painful or strained muscles and tendons. Our Heating SOS Gel is a muscle pain relief gel that helps your muscles to recover as quickly as possible. By doing so, it helps you to be pain-free and back at full strength in no time. Try our warm muscle pain reliever cream now! 

  • Apply after exercise
  • Promotes recovery
  • Strong warming
  • Suitable for tight and stiff muscles
  • 100% vegan
  • Bio-plastic packaging


Specifications Heating SOS Body Gel

How does warm muscle pain relief gel work?

Sportsbalm Heating SOS Gel is an extra warm muscle balm that penetrates deep into the muscles thanks to specially selected ingredients such as harpagophytum procumbens (devil’s claw) and nettle. There, the gel provides long-lasting warmth, and stimulates the blood circulation in the muscle tissue.

Strong warming

Heating SOS gel is extra strong and even works in problem areas with low blood circulation, including the lower back, shoulders and neck. As a result, stiff muscles are relieved, waste products are removed more efficiently, and muscles recover faster.

How to use Sportsbalm Heating SOS Gel

Apply the heating muscle gel to all areas with tired, sore or strained muscles and tendons. The warming gel penetrates deep into the muscles without irritating the skin. The Heating SOS Gel is well absorbed and does not leave a greasy layer. Try the powerful muscle pain relief gel for yourself and experience a faster recovery after hard workouts!

Sore today. Strong tomorrow

Muscle recovery starts with adequate rest. But there are several situations where recovery is necessary. Have a look at our Recovery series to find out which Sportsbalm suits your recovery.

Recovery series
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